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Shumhanhai our brand name came from the name of the holy cow Goddess believed to be sister of Kamathenu and hails in heaven according to Hindu religious Beliefs. Cow takes an important place in the civilization of our Mankind making the union a remarkable one. The only animal which can give milk that is most similar in its content to Mother's milk. Cows other remarkable side of its benefits to Mankind lies in its Cow Dung and Urine which is the basis for organic farming


We Kamathenu Enterprises serve The need of the Hour in the field of Agriculture to our fellow small/marginal/,Big-time Famers who have realized their need of transforming their methods of farming to completely organic and natural practices. The essence of such shift from wrong industrial modern practices towards natural organic greener methods of fertilizers pest and disease control rests with the availability of quality Cow Dung manure .

Hence at kamathenu enterprises , here we come for you with the best of our Indigenous Cow Dung products and Panchkavya products which are completely natural and helps you make the shift to Greener method of fertilizer which improve our soil and ensures safe and easy methods f pesticides & fungicides .We also offer a wide range of other useful Cow Dung based house hold and personal care products.


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