A R Dairy Food Pvt Ltd

  • Type of Business Entity:Company
  • Location: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India

The company has been established in the name of Sarayu Cryogenics Private Limited, in the year 1995, for the manufacture of liquid oxygen due to market volatility the company name has been changed as A.R. Dairy Food Private Limited, in the year 1998 for production of Milk and Milk Products.



Produce the world class dairy products, which meets the international standards.

Deliver Best Hygienic Dairy products & Ingredients to Consumers World Wide.

Create and Deliver Dairy Nutrition Choices for Today and Tomorrow.

Rural Development by providing good Economics to Dairy farmers, with RAAJ's world class Dairy Products & Ingredients.

Our Mission:

to Deliver Goodness by Safe, Hygienic & Quality Dairy Products and Ingredients with International Standards

SHQ is the way to express our social responsibility.

SHQ is the Reason to Manufacture.

SHQ is Prime.

Manufacturing Products:

Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk sold in Sachets with 250,500 and 1000ml packing's on various standardization based on Milk FAT and SNF that is Double Toned Milk, Toned Milk, Standardized Milk, Premium Milk, and Full Cream Milk, Spray dried skimmed milk powder, Condensed / Evaporated milk, Butter, Cheese, Cup Curd and Butter Milk, Flavored Milk.

Our Valued Customers:

Saravana Stores Foods Private Limited, Chennai, TN, India. The Pondicherry Co-Operative Milk Federation Ltd, Pondicherry Sri Vyshnavi Dairy Specialities Pvt Ltd, Kammam, Andhra Pradesh,Malanadu Dairy Milk Producers Union, Kanchirappalli, Kerala.KSE Ltd, Trichure, Kerala.TRCMPU Ltd., Kerala


  • Adress:10/5C,Madurai Road, Dindigul -624002, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Email: info@raajmilk.com Website: http://raajmilk.com/
  • Mobile: - Landline: 451 2449000