Export Import Bank Of India

  • Type of Business Entity:Company
  • Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Established by the Government of India, we commenced operations in 1982 under the Export-Import Bank of India Act, 1981 as a purveyor of export credit, mirroring global Export Credit Agencies. With our rich pedigree, today we serve as a growth engine for industries and SMEs through a wide range of products and services.


This includes import of technology and export product development, export production, export marketing, pre-shipment and post-shipment and overseas investment. In a rapidly shifting financial landscape, we are a catalyst and key player in the promotion of cross border trade and investment. By instilling a powerful culture of innovation and foresight, we help India maximize its potential and meet and exceed its vision.

Exim Bank has come a long way from a product-centric approach with Export Credits and Export Capability Creation, to a more customer-centric approach by offering a comprehensive range of products and services to empower businesses at all stages of a business cycle. Today we develop commercially viable relationships with a target set of externally oriented companies through these unique products, aimed at enhancing their internationalisation efforts. Going ahead, we aspire to utilise our leadership and expertise in India's Export Finance to make a lasting difference in the industry.


  • Adress:Centre One Building, Floor 21, World Trade Centre Complex,, Mumbai -400005, Maharashtra, India
  • Email: cag@eximbankindia.in Website: http://www.eximbankindia.in/
  • Mobile: - Landline: 22 22172600