Hatsun Agro Product Limited

  • Type of Business Entity:Company
  • Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Despite cementing its position as the largest private sector dairy in India, Hatsun's philosophy is quite simple: Show a genuine care for the consumers. This principle has propelled the company for over 4 decades, and we'd like to believe that the same force will power Hatsun to greater heights in the coming years.<./p>

You might even say that care for consumers is the chief ingredient in all our products.


Hatsun's procures fresh milk directly from the farmers.To facilitate it in this process Hatsun has around 4,500 'Hatsun Milk Banks' (HMBs) covering over 8,000 villages. Everyday 3 lakh plus farmers pour their milk at these HMBs. At the HMBs every farmer's milk is tested for its quality. Based on the quality, per liter price of milk is determined with the help of a two way price chart. The two parameters tested for determining quality is Fat and SNF.

Based on the quality and the number of liters poured by the farmer, his or her total amount is calculated. This process is done for each and every farmer who pours milk at the HMB.

Once all the tests are done, each farmer's data (quantity, Fat & SNF% along with the farmer's unique number) is entered in a scan-able data sheet. This sheet is sent to the Hatsun's computer center where it is scanned and based on the same the farmer is paid every week on a fixed day of the week.

The entire farmer's data base is managed through a state-of-the-art computer software system. It would not be out of place to mention that Hatsun takes great pride in maintaining this track record for the last two decades. The entire dairy farming community in the milk shed where Hatsun operates is aware of this unique track record.

Hatsun operates more than 800 rural milk procurement routes. These routes have a regular route plan with the timing to pick up milk cans for each HMB/village in the morning and evening.


  • Adress:No.114, Angadu Road, Chennai -600067, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Email: info@hatsun.com Website: http://www.hatsun.com
  • Mobile: - Landline: 44 24501622