Swift Audio Video Private Limited

  • Type of Business Entity:Company
  • Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Established in 1987, Swift Vision Hire is truly a Pan India Company with a national presence in 12 cities across India.Our Strength lies in understanding the diverse needs of the Customers and translating that into customized solutions.


We believe that the biggest accelerator to sustained growth is the factor of trained manpower and updated modern equipment. As a result of this belief we upgrade our equipment on a regular basis.

A SMATV System is a head-end system, which basically transforms your property to it's own private cable company. IF Signals from Dish Antenna is fed through a Head end system which converts IF to RF, then these RF signals are amplified and distributed. (Every channel has it's own dedicated receiver and is then modulated to a particular channel. These channels are then combined together and are broadcasted directly to your television jack without any additional equipment within the unit. Programming can literally be hand-picked to fit the demographics of the building and more importantly, to fit budgets). With SMATV systems, the end user just plugs his TV into the cable jack on the wall and automatically has programming with no need for a receiver or a set top box in the unit. There's no down time for new residents, they simply plug in and watch TV, with no need to call the cable company for installation and scheduling. At any time, SMATV systems can be expanded or even down-sized to meet you're changing needs.


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